Minutes of Carriage Lawn Board of Directors Meeting of 17 Jan, 2011


I.      Meeting called to order at 6:38 pm.  


II.    Attendees:

a.    Gay Ashley, President

b.    Dave Armstrong, VP/Secretary

c.    Jim Ryan, Member-at-Large, Chairman ARB


III.   Meeting Topics:


a.    Petty Cash.  The Board agreed to start a petty cash fund in the amount of $100 to cover minor HOA-related expenditures and reimbursements.  The President will hold the funds, make disbursements, retain receipts, and request additional funds from GHA as necessary to maintain the account at $100.  The Treasurer will monitor the use of the fund for appropriate use and financial accountability.

b.    Community Contracts.  Gay reported that the Mow Cow has been signed and that the American Disposal contract will automatically renew in February.

c.    Property Management Company.  The Board decided not to change management companies at this time, and to give GHA an opportunity to satisfy our complaints with their service.  Rather than simply withdraw the Board’s letter of termination, Gay proposed that we establish a probationary period for GHA to demonstrate a level of service acceptable to the Board.  The Board agreed with Gay’s suggestion to have the probationary period run until sometime between April 1st and April 30th.  Gay took the action to discuss this with GHA.

d.    Signs.  The Board discussed the cost of replacement signs and installing additional speed limit signs.  Gay will check with our new property manager, Brian Heisler, on the cost of the speed limit signs.  Regarding the parking restriction signs, the Board discussed reducing the number of signs in the community.  Dave took action to survey the community’s signs and to report his findings at the February board meeting.

e.    Pet Waste Stations.  The Board agreed to replace the three deteriorated pet waste stations and to relocate one of the two stations located at the playground to an inconspicuous location near the community entrance, such as in the fitness area.

f.     Trash Cans.  The Board agreed to install two 30 gallon trash cans in the vicinity of the playground.  Gay took action to discuss the type of receptacle (rigid liner vs. poly bag liner) with American Disposal.

g.    Lighting for Entrance Sign.  The Board had previously agreed to install solar lighting for the community entrance sign, but Brian suggested a permanent, wired installation.  Gay took action to request estimates for both alternatives from Brian in sufficient time to support a board decision at the February meeting. 

h.    Mail Box Lighting.  After reviewing the costs, post office restrictions, and available information on types of lighting, the board decided not to pursue installation at this time.  The Board determined that free-standing solar powered street lamps appeared to offer the most practical alternative, but was not satisfied with available information regarding the durability, lighting output, light duration, and architectural design of this type of light.  The Board will revisit this issue if a homeowner can provide sufficient information to support the selection and installation of suitable lighting.

i.      Annual Meeting Preparations.  General discussion of plans for the Annual Meeting, status of proxies, and Board presentations.

j.      Sunken Water Main Head.  Gay reported that Falls Church Water Authority had finally responded to her repeated requests and repaired the sunken water main connection located in the intersection of Blue Royale and Langdon Gate.

k.    Web Site.  Gay discussed several changes and updates that need to be made to the Carriage Lawn website.  Dave took action to work this item with our website manager, Manoucher Nayeri.

l.      New ARB Application Form.  Gay sent out a draft update of the ARB Application form and asked that board members review and edit as necessary.  Action all board members.

m.   Reserve Study.  Dave discussed the Carriage Lawn Replacement Reserve Report and suggested that we review the plan in more detail in order to budget recommended maintenance items in future budgets.  The only current year items recommended by the study were the minor repairs of pavement cracks and a playground safety review.  Dave took action to provide a summary of the study at the Annual Meeting.

n.    Community Audit.  Gay reported that the final audit for 2009 had been received and approved.


IV.          Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.