Minutes of Carriage Lawn Board of Directors Meeting of 14 Dec, 2010


I.        Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm.


II.      Attendees:

a.      Gay Ashley, President

b.      Dave Armstrong, VP/Secretary

c.      GAnn Zieger, Treasurer


III.    Meeting Topics:


a.      GHA Action Items. Gay provided a list of outstanding GHA action items for board discussion, including: new corporate seal, installation of solar lighting at entrance, painting and replacement of signs, proposed budget and current expenditures (taxes, dog station services, curb painting costs), ARB violations, and American Disposal contract renewal.

b.      American Disposal. Gay called American Disposal and confirmed that the contract is automatically renewed. She asked them about additional costs and types of containers if two trash receptacles were installed at the playground.

c.      Solar Lighting at Entrance. Gay will call McLaughlin Electric to confirm estimate and arrange installation.

d.      Mow Cow Contract Renewal. Board discussed the significant increase in Mow Cows 2011 cost proposal, including increases for lawn mowing, mulching, clean-up, and tree pruning. Board agreed costs were excessive and Gay stated she would call Mow Cow for clarification.

e.      Property Management. Board discussed proposals received from other property management companies.

f.        Budget and HOA Dues. Board discussed budget proposal provided by GHA and noted that the 2010 Year End Forecast appeared to omit the cost of curb painting. The board tentatively accepted the budget pending some line item changes that may be necessary to accommodate revised cost proposals. Based on current projections, the board agreed that HOA dues would not be increased for 2011.

g.      FY2010 Carriage Lawn Reserve Report. Dave discussed several items from the Reserve Report and how it may affect the annual set-aside for replacement reserves. Dave took action to forward an electronic version of the Reserve Report to all board members.

h.     HOA Statements. Board agreed to order preparation of 2011 HOA dues statements, but to delay preparing coupon books until a final decision was made regarding the property management company. GAnn suggested that the statements should encourage homeowners to initiate automatic payment of HOA dues in order to reduce administrative costs to the community.

i.        Sink Hole/Unstable Soil Behind 8913 Royal Hannah Ln. Dave confirmed that the hole had been filled, although a new smaller hole had opened since the initial restoration. Dave will continue to monitor changes.

j.        Legal matters. Gay reported that collection efforts on the homeowner who had previously declared bankruptcy were successful in collecting amounts owed since the bankruptcy.

k.      Sunken Water Main Head. Gay reported that she contacted Falls Church Water Authority and reminded them that they needed to inspect and repair the sunken water main head in the intersection of Blue Royale and Langdon Gate.

l.        Dog Station Services. Board revisited the costs charged for servicing the pet waste stations. It appears costs for 2010 were significantly higher than 2009 and determined that Faisal should review the contract to ensure costs are being charged correctly. Dave will send follow-up e-mail to Faisal.

m.   Annual Meeting. The board proposed discussed the 2011 annual meeting and proposed Tuesday, 25 January as the primary date and Thursday, 27 January as the alternate date. Dave confirmed that our bylaws require at least 15 days notice be provided to homeowners. Dave took action to send the proposed dates to all board members so they can check their personal calendars and confirm their availability.


IV.               Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.