Minutes of Carriage Lawn Board of Directors Meeting of 26 October, 2010


I.        Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm.  


II.      Attendees:

a.      Gay Ashley, President

b.      Dave Armstrong, VP/Secretary

c.      Jim Ryan, Member-at-large, Chairman ARB

d.      Faisal Khan, GHA Property Manager


III.    Meeting Topics:


a.      Board approved the minutes of the 30 June meeting.

b.      Late Fees.  Board noted that a large number of homeowners show a single $10 late fee on their account.  Because it appears that these late fee were charged during a changeover in payment accounts, the board agreed to do a one-time waiver of all late fees of $10 or less on those accounts which are not late in payment at any other time. (Faisal action)

c.      Delinquent accounts.  Board discussed several delinquent accounts and tasked Faisal (GHA) with writing letters to the homeowners prior to taking additional collection action.

d.      Pet waste containers/trash containers.  Board asked Faisal to investigate replacing the deteriorated pet waste containers.  Also asked him to investigate adding two trash containers at either end of the parking lot at the playground.

e.      Financial report.  Faisal answered several board questions on the financial report.  A question regarding tax charges requires follow-up response.

f.        Landscaping.  Gay reported she had received several estimates for cleaning and re-planting the flower beds at the community entrances.  She also advised that planting pansies would dress up these entrances and would not require restoring the irrigation system at this time.  Board approved the Mow Cow estimate.  Irrigation system repairs will be deferred until next spring.

g.      2011 Budget.  Board agreed it was too early to finalize the proposed budget for next year as several contractor quotes are required and the GHA-supplied YTD actuals contained information only through June 30.  Faisal will provide actuals through September 30 to the BOD, as well as 2011 service proposals from all vendors for our December meeting..

h.     Audit.  Faisal will follow-up on the status of the annual audit.

i.        Investments.  Board discussed expiring CDs and optimizing available interest rates.

j.        Curb painting.  Gay discussed the work by Chamberlain and confirmed they had come out and repaired several deficient areas.

k.      Signs.  Gay provided estimates provided by Peachtree for replacing deteriorated signs and advised they would give a discount for replacing 29 signs or more.  Board approved the painting of all community sign posts and replacing one-third (approx. 35 signs) at a time, planned for a 3-year period of implementation. Faisal will get additional information about the cost of the signs and how the quantity discount is applied (i.e., must all signs be the same type in order to get the discount).  The board also agreed to install four new high reflectivity “slow - children playing” speed limit signs (10 or 15 MPH), one at each of the three community entrances and one at the Nipper Way end of Saxon Flowers near the playground.  Sign posts will be the same green metal posts used in the rest of the community.

l.        Lighting at community entrance.  Board discussed several options for restoring the lighting that illuminates the main community entrance.  Board agreed to the solar panel approach but had questions about the installation and location of the solar panel.  Faisal will contact the contractor to get clarification and report back to the Board prior to our next meeting.

m.   Mail box lighting.  Dave reported the results of his internet search for solar powered lamp posts to be installed next to each mailbox.  The concern was that the devices found were relatively inexpensive ($300-400), but may not be of quality design and construction.  The board agreed to continue the investigation and see if we could determine what other communities may be using.

n.     Verizon utility box.   Gay advised that she had contacted Danella (Verizon’s contractor) and asked them to come out again to restore the sinking soil around several of the utility boxes they installed as part of their FiOS installation.

o.      Speeding.  Board discussed alternatives for dealing with the problem of vehicles speeding in the community.

p.      Parking.  Board discussed continuing problems with illegal parking, including parking across driveways and sidewalks and into the street, parking in no parking zones, and residents parking in visitor parking.  Board will continue to aggressively enforce regulations and utilize Henry’s Towing to have vehicles towed.  Dave will update the parking violation database and distribute to those homeowners assisting with enforcement.

q.      Stop sign at Langdon Gate.  Board discussed installing a stop sign on Langdon Gate where it meets Royal Hannah.  Further discussion will ensue.

r.        Street sign as Saxon Flowers and Royal Doulton.  Discussed that the sign is too close to the curbs and large trucks continue to bend the sign; sign to be moved slightly away from curb.  Faisal to handle straightening and moving of sign.

s.      ARB.  Discussed several outstanding issues regarding deficiencies, including the difficulty some homeowners are having finding replacement lamppost fixtures.  Board agreed we may need to assist in this effort.  Faisal advised some homeowners had asked for extensions on the compliance due date which were being handled on a case by case basis.  Gay asked what deadline was assigned to the extension, and the response is pending.

t.        Sink hole between the rear fence and retaining wall at 8913 Royal Hannah.  Faisal reported a contractor had investigated the area and recommend filling and monitoring the ground.  Board approved the repair work and asked Faisal to have the contractor proceed with the work.


IV.             Meeting adjourned at 8:34pm.