Minutes of Carriage Lawn Board of Directors Meeting of 30 June, 2010


I.        Meeting called to order at 6:35pm.


II.      Board members in attendance included:

a.      Gay Ashley, President

b.      Dave Armstrong, VP/Secretary

c.      G’ann Zieger, Treasurer

d.      Jim Ryan, Member-at-large, Chairman ARB


III.    Meeting Topics:


a.      2010 Virginia Statutes.  Gay handed out four copies of the Virginia statutes that come into effect 1 July, 2010.  One of the new laws discussed was Section 55-510.1 which requires that board of directors meetings be announced in advance and open to association members.  As a minimum, board agreed to announce all future board meetings on the community website.

b.      Liens.  Gay updated the status of the liens being place against two homeowners who were significantly in arrears on their HOA dues.

c.      June Financial Report.  Gay discussed the legal fees associated with placing of liens and property management fees.  G’Ann had several questions regarding certain charges shown on the report and indicated she would contact Faisal directly to have those items resolved.  Board briefly discussed methods for reducing administrative costs for dues collection, such as online payment, but deferred that discussion for a future meeting.  The board agreed to retain approximately $85K in checking in order to have sufficient funds on hand to cover curb painting and other community maintenance projects.

d.      Utility boxes.  Gay and Dave agreed to walk through the community in order to determine if Dominion Virginia Power had in fact painted the utility boxes as requested.

e.      FiOS.  Gay reported Danella Construction had completed refilling the soil around several of the utility boxes they had installed as part of Verizon’s FiOS installation.  A report has been received that the box behind 2941 Saxon Flowers was missed.

f.        Curb painting.  Board agreed to proceed with curb painting by Chamberlain and to provide two written notices to homeowners.  The first notice would be sent out approximately three weeks in advance and a second notice 5-7 days prior to the painting.  Notice would advise homeowners that all vehicles must be removed from both visitor and resident’s street parking in order to accommodate this work and that any vehicles remaining at the time of painting would be towed at the owner’s expense.  Notice would also recommend that affected homeowners use legal street parking on Chichester Ln and Mainstone Drive while painting is being done.  Gay will also contact GHA to prepare signs to be posted at the community’s entrances, a few days in advance, reminding homeowners of the scheduled day for curb painting.

g.      Parking signs.  Gay reported she is working with GHA to have the community’s No Parking sign posts and signs repainted.  The board agreed to fund the estimated cost of $600 for this work.

h.      Trees.  The board discussed several fallen and damaged trees around the community, as well as overgrowth and garbage that a Cedar Lane resident had complained about.   Board agreed to fund the Mow Cow estimate of $3,928 for this work.

i.         Retaining Wall Repair.  Board agreed they were satisfied with the retaining wall fencing repairs performed by JR construction, particularly given that this work was performed as guarantee work at no cost to the community.

j.         Parking.  The board discussed several options for dealing with the problem of residents parking in visitor parking.  Gay reviewed options available from Henry’s Towing to support the board’s enforcement actions.  The board agreed to permit Henry’s to patrol our community beginning 6 July and to tow any vehicle that was double-parked or was parked in a No Parking zone.  The board also agreed to resume parking lot monitoring actions and to have vehicles towed if they are in violation of the community parking policy.

k.      ARB Inspection.  Gay discussed the deficiency letters being prepared by GHA and the reformatting she had requested.

l.         Mailbox Lights.   Gay reported that GHA misunderstood our request for mailbox lighting.  GHA had contacted the U.S. Postal Service to see if they would install this lighting rather than asking if we needed permission for the HOA to install lighting.  Dave agreed to investigate lighting options, including solar powered light posts that would not be attached to the mailboxes.

m.    Sinking Water Fitting.  GHA contacted the county regarding the water fitting that has sunken into the pavement at the intersection of Langdon Gate and Blue Royale.   The county replied that this fitting is not their responsibility.

n.      Irrigation System.  Board agreed to fund the previous estimate for repair and activation of the irrigation system at the main entrance.

o.      Entrance Lighting.  GHA agreed to have an electrician examine and repair the system.

p.      Sign Repair.  Gay will follow-up with GHA to have Mow Cow repair the bent street sign at the corner of Langdon Gate and Blue Royale.

q.      Corporate Seal.  Board agreed to fund $100 for the cost of a replacement corporate seal.


IV.               Meeting adjourned at 8:36pm.