Minutes of Carriage Lawn Board of Directors Meeting of 6 May, 2010

(Action items shown in bold)


I.        Meeting called to order at 6:37pm.


II.      Board members in attendance included:

a.      Gay Ashley, President

b.      Dave Armstrong, VP/Secretary

c.      G’ann Zieger, Treasurer

d.      Jim Ryan, Member-at-large, Chairman ARB


III.    Meeting Topics:


a.      Curb Painting.  Gay reported she had received glowing comments from Chamberlain’s references, and had some negative comments from O’Leary’s references.  Gay agreed to talk to Chamberlain to get more information about how the work would proceed.  The Board agreed to use Chamberlain and to delay this work until Verizon had completed all of their work in the community.

b.      Verizon FiOS Installation.   Gay reported that Verizon had completed a large part of their work in the community.  Splicer trucks would be coming next, after which the temporary cold pack repairs to pavement and the walking path would be replaced with hot pack restoration.  Verizon anticipated that FiOS would be available to residents in 1-2 months.

c.      Utility Boxes.  Dominion VA Power has agreed to repaint utility boxes in the neighborhood.

d.      Storm Water Management Pond (SWMP).  Gay reported that Fairfax County is coming to inspect the SWMP and accepted responsibility for clearing the blockage.  No date was provided for when this work would be done.

e.      County and Community Signs. 

1.  County will replace downed stop sign where the Providence District Supervisor’s Office road meets Saxon Flowers.

2.  Approx. 12 damaged/faded No Parking signs are community responsibility, but county will provide acceptable vendor.

3.  Fire Marshal will place stickers on signs on completion.

4.  Estimate for painting sign posts and straightening bent street sign is $500. 

     Board agreed to this amount.

f.        Towing.  Henry’s Towing is the service the community will be using for vehicle towing.  Owners of vehicles will be directed to call the Fairfax County police at 703-691-2131 for information on recovering their vehicle.

g.      Parking Violations.  The board reviewed the parking violation spreadsheet developed to document parking violations.  Board also discussed a draft parking enforcement policy that will be sent to all board members for review.  Board tentatively agreed that in the case of residents parking in visitor parking, vehicles will be given two warnings and the vehicle would be towed on the third violation.  “No Parking” violations would not be given a warning and would be subject to immediate towing.  Board also discussed the possibility of converting some limited number of visitor spaces to resident spaces on a lease/rental basis.  Board discussed several legal issues that may prevent this action.  Dave agreed to draft a proposal for the board’s review.  If the proposal appears viable, the board will present it at a future community meeting for discussion.

h.     Littering.  Board discussed the problem of people littering in the parking lots and other parts of the community.  Gay agreed to contact the police department to see what actions can be taken.

i.        Delinquent Accounts.  Gay reported liens were being placed on two properties that are significantly delinquent in payment of HOA assessments.

j.        Fallen Trees.  Board discussed several trees that have fallen and the need for a survey of the entire community to assess tree removal and replanting requirements.

k.      ARB Home Inspections.  Board discussed results of the April community inspection.  Gay reported additional items that she felt should carry-over from the September inspection.  Dave agreed to compile any additional items in the inspection spreadsheet and forward to Jim.  As the ARB Chairman, Jim agreed to review the list and determine how each deficiency should be addressed.

l.        Next Meeting.  Board did not determine date for next meeting, but agreed it would not be sooner than June 13th due to travel commitments of several members.


IV.               Meeting adjourned at 8:47pm.