Minutes of Carriage Lawn Board of Directors Meeting of 24 April, 2010

(Action items shown in bold)


I.        Meeting called to order at 1:40pm.


II.      Board members in attendance included:

a.      Gay Ashley, President

b.      Dave Armstrong, VP/Secretary

c.      G’ann Zieger, Treasurer

d.      Jim Ryan, Member-at-large, Chairman ARB


III.    Meeting Topics:


a.      Parking.  The board discussed the problem of residents parking in visitor parking, as well as vehicles parking in “No Parking” zones.   Gay presented two types of violation stickers.  The board agreed that the pink notices would be used for warning violators since these stickers include specific information about the nature of the violation as well as a phone number for GHA.  This would permit people to contest notices they believed they had received in error.  The board agreed the green stickers would be used to indicate vehicles in violation of parking regulations that could be towed immediately.  The Board agreed to have the visitor parking areas and other parking violations monitored effective immediately and for an unspecified period of time.

[Subsequent to this meeting, an e-mail exchange among board members confirmed that the green sticker could be used without a preliminary warning for vehicles parked in No Parking zones.]

b.      Curb painting.  The board reviewed bids for curb painting and agreed that O’Leary appeared to offer the best value.  Gay agreed to contact Faisal for additional information regarding curb painting requirements, coning off parking areas, paint drying times, notification of homeowners, etc.


c.      ARB Home Inspections.  Jim and Dave discussed some of the common deficiencies found during the community walk-through.  Dave provided a DVD to each board member containing the photos taken during the walk-through.  He also handed out a synopsis of the homeowner’s maintenance responsibilities as identified in the Covenants and Design Guidelines.  Dave agreed to reformat the GHA deficiency list, annotate it with his recommendations, and send it to all board members by the end of the week.  The Board agreed to meet on Thursday, 6 May at 6:30pm to review the list in detail and decide how to deal with the deficiencies.


IV.               Meeting adjourned at 3:10pm.