Minutes of Carriage Lawn Board of Directors Meeting of 23 March, 2010

(Action items shown in bold)


I.        Meeting called to order at 6:40pm.

II.    The board deferred the reading of the minutes from the 28 January meeting.

III. The board welcomed our new Property Manager from GHA Community Management, Faisal Khan.  Board members in attendance included:

a.       Gay Ashley, President

b.      Dave Armstrong, VP/Secretary

c.       G’ann Zieger

d.      Jim Ryan, Member-at-large

IV. Faisal presented the March 2010 GHA Management Report.

a.       The board reviewed the financial report and expressed concern regarding the large number of homeowners shown on the Delinquent Report.  Faisal agreed to review the report with GHA accounting personnel.

b.      The board agreed to rehire the Chadwick law firm to perform legal services for the HOA and that costs would be paid on an “as needed” basis rather than paying a retainer.  Board discussed whether a law firm was needed for delinquent HOA dues collection and agreed we should formalize a process for collection.  Faisal offered to provide a sample collection policy.  [Action completed 26 March]

c.       The board discussed the two delinquent accounts that were more than $1,000 in arrears.  Board agreed to pursue collection action and that the law firm should be used for these two accounts.

d.      The board discussed the fact that some homeowners were receiving both monthly notices and coupon books from GHA and asked that Faisal take steps to eliminate this duplication.  Board also reviewed the late payment assessments in the covenants and pointed out that GMA needed to correct their billing notices.  Bills should reflect a late fee of $10 if not paid within 15 days (16th of month) and accounts not paid within 30 days shall be deemed “delinquent.”  [see Section 6, page 13 of covenants]

e.       The board discussed the fact that the Carriage Lawn HOA corporate seal could not be located and agreed to replace the seal if the cost was less than $100.  Faisal agreed to research the cost of a new seal.

f.       Gay reported that recently maturing CDs had automatically rolled over.  The board agreed that the President and Treasurer could make future decisions regarding placement of maturing CDs without full board involvement.

V.    Other topics.

a.       Faisal reported that the Barkley property manager had contacted him about trimming trees that were leaning against some homeowner’s fences that border the northwest corner of Carriage Lawn.  Dave mentioned that Virginia law places tree trimming responsibility on the affected homeowner even if the tree is actually owned by an adjacent property owner.  [see http://www.lawguru.com/legal-questions/virginia-real-estate/tree-trimming-responsibility-large-year-350031894/a].  Dave took action to photograph the trees in question and to check Fairfax County property maps to determine which community owns the trees.  [Action completed 24 March]

b.      The board discussed the bids for curb painting and agreed that O’Leary Asphalt, although somewhat more expensive, appeared to have the most thorough description of their intended work, including the scraping of the old paint.  Faisal indicated other community’s had used O’Leary and were satisfied with their work.  The Board asked that Faisal contact O’Leary to see if they would provide the names, contact information, locations, and dates that they have done curb painting on other nearby communities.  Dave took action to drive through one or more of these communities to assess their work. 

c.       Jim (ARB Chairman) discussed the need for the ARB to resume community walk-throughs.   He proposed notifying homeowners in advance of the specific deficiencies the committee would be focusing their attention prior to each walk-through.  Faisal mentioned that GHA was developing a PDA-based system to automate the process of documenting deficiencies.  Board members agreed they would like to try this system and Faisal took action to see when this service might be available.  [Action completed 26 March]

d.      Issues regarding Mow Cow:

                                                                    i.      Board felt Mow Cow did a good job with snow removal, although costs were high and board may need to be more involved with requesting specific services such the use of a front-loader for snow removal.  Board agreed to change the requirement for initial plowing from 2 inches to 3-4 inches.  Reinaldo had been instructed to make the revision to begin snow plowing at 3” or 4” in order to save the community funds on small snows that would likely quickly melt.

                                                                  ii.      Board felt Mow Cow should repair community signs apparently damaged by their snow plows.  Dave took action to identify the affected signs and report them to Faisal who would follow-up with Mow Cow.  Board agreed that the “No Parking” sign knocked down at the corner of Saxon Flowers and Lismore Ln did not need to be replaced.

                                                                iii.      At the board’s request, Faisal will contact Mow Cow and ask them to remove the small advertising signs they had placed around the community.

e.       Board raised the issue of various utility boxes around the community in need of painting and that this was most likely the responsibility of the utility company involved (Dominion Power, Verizon, etc.).  Board also discussed rusty sign posts around the community.  Dave took action to survey these items around the community.  Faisal will contact the utility companies with a request to place a fresh coat of paint their equipment.  Gay suggested that we call the utility companies and make a blanket request, as they know where there equipment is within our community.

f.       Board discussed a homeowner’s request to install lighting for the mailboxes.  Jim found a free-standing, solar powered light that might serve our purposes and Dave agreed to do further research on available lighting.

g.      Board discussed problem with people speeding in the community and possible need for an additional stop sign at the corner of Royal Hannah Ln and Langdon Gate.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.