August 12, 2009 Carriage Lawn Board of Directors Meeting

I.                    Meeting called to order at 7:03pm.

II.                Attendees:

a.       Mike Noonan, Board President

b.      Gay Ashley, Board Treasurer

c.       Jim Ryan, Board Member

d.      Dave Armstrong, Board Member

e.       Reinaldo Salva, Community Manager, GHA Community Management

III.             Minutes of last meeting were approved.

IV.             Review of July 2009 Operation and Financial Report

a.       Discussion of two CD’s that will mature on 27 Aug.  Reinaldo stated he would investigate interest rates offered by other banks and report back to the board.

b.      Reinaldo reported that payment had been made to for hosting the community’s web site after experiencing significant and recurring billing problems with the previous provider.

c.       Discussion of “Your Pets Business” expense and the extent of services provided.  Gay and Dave reported that service had improved with regular re-filling of the plastic bag dispensers.

d.      Discussion of delinquent accounts.  It was agreed that Reinaldo would contact an attorney concerning collection on the two accounts that were delinquent in excess of $1,000 (8831 Blue Royale Ln and 2975 Nipper Way).

V.                Review of last year’s audit report

a.       The report noted that the community’s last replacement reserve study was conducted in November of 2003 and that reserve studies should be conducted every five years.  The board agreed to conduct a reserve study and that Mike and Reinaldo should select among the three firms that had submitted proposals for conducting the study.

VI.             Discussion of association bylaws for delinquent accounts

a.       It was noted that monthly assessment bills show that payment is due within 30 days and that a $10.00 late fee is assessed after that time.  The Covenants, however, require that a late fee be assessed after 15 days.  Reinaldo agreed to have the billing modified to reflect the 15 day grace period.

b.      Discussion of the need to modify the Covenants to provide for a “due process” clause and procedures to follow for the collection of delinquent accounts.  Reinaldo provided sample resolutions.  The board agreed that Reinaldo should approach a law firm to draft  these changes.

VII.          ARB Report

a.       Discussion on the need for routine cleaning of the community’s common areas.  Reinaldo agreed to get estimates for monthly pickup of these areas.

b.      Discussion of the damaged pet waste container.  Reinaldo reported he had already asked the contractor performing the wall repairs to repair this container.

c.       Gay reported that she was still compiling the list of deficiencies that she and Jim had identified on their inspections of the community.   She indicated she would begin providing the list of deficiencies to Reinaldo in order that letters could be prepared to homeowners.  The board agreed that all deficiencies for a given home should be included on a single letter.  Reinaldo indicated he would provide a sample letter for notifying homeowners of deficiencies.

d.      Discussion of a request to the ARB for installation of a deck with stairs.  There was concern for the dimensions of the deck and the materials to be used.  Reinaldo stated he would contact the homeowner for clarification.

VIII.       Review of repair and landscaping issues

a.       General discussion regarding bids.  Gay requested that in the future we solicit at least 3 bids for significant repairs and investments.  Dave suggested that we ask contractor’s for more detail regarding how repairs will be made.

b.      Discussion of bids submitted for repainting the community’s curbs.  Reinaldo recommended wire brush preparation of the curbs rather than sandblasting.  No decision was made on proceeding with the work at this time.

c.       Reinaldo reported he was waiting for more information on the electrical/solar options for powering the irrigation system.  Several board members indicated they favored the use of the solar-powered alternative.

IX.             Parking issues

a.       Discussion on the warning tickets placed on recurring violators of the community’s visitor parking.  Board agreed that a letter should be sent to homeowners notifying them of the community’s visitor parking policy prior to issuing more warning tickets.

X.                Verizon FIOS request

a.       Mike reported that he had been contacted by Verizon concerning installation of FIOS in the community.  Board members expressed some concerns for the easements and the nature of the equipment to be installed.  Mike stated he would invite the Verizon representative to make a presentation at the November community meeting.

XI.             Other old business

a.       The board discussed how garbage pickup was occurring later which made the garbage more susceptible to being blown in the wind.  Reinaldo was asked to arrange for garbage pickup between 6 and 8 am.

b.      The board discussed flower planting and decided to defer further plantings until repair of the irrigation system was resolved.