Carriage Lawn at Barkley Homeowners Association


Board of Directors Meeting


Wednesday, June 13, 2007



Call To Order

  1. Ms. Grace Marabe. called the meeting to order at 7:36 pm on Wednesday, June 13, 2007
  2. Location:  Fairhill Elementary library, Chichester Lane, Fairfax, Virginia.


Roll Call:


  1. The following persons were present

Grace Marabe                                                  Michael Noonan

Sanjay Vakharia                                               Cyrus Salazar

  1. Reinaldo Salva (From Koger Management)


Items discussed at the meeting:


Approval of Minutes

  1. Board was presented with signed copies of minutes of prior meetings dated 12/13/06, 01/17/07 and 02/05/07 (minutes were signed by prior Board members who attended the respective meetings).
  2. Michael Noonan made a motion to adopt minutes, Grace Marabe seconded. All voted in favor


Action Item: Minutes to be posted on HOA website



  1. Koger was directed to work with Carol Mallory on all ARB matters.


Action Item: Koger (Reinaldo Salva) to contact Ms. Mallory and set up a mutually acceptable communication process to manage ARB matters.


Community Events

Board discussed the potential to organize a summer social and/or a clean up day in August.


Action Item: Grace Marabe to take the lead in organizing the event and drafting letter to community.


February 2007 To Do List

Board reviewed Feb 22, 2007 “To Do List” with Reinaldo Salva. 


Action Item

Reinaldo to follow up on all open and new action items


Approval of  Pine Ridge Proposals

  1. Board reviewed and discussed Pine Ridge proposal for fall flowers, $985
  2. Board reviewed and discussed Pine Ridge proposal for grub control, $1120
  3. Michael Noonan made a motion to accept both of the above proposals, Cyrus Salazar seconded. All voted in favor.


Action Item: Koger to communicate approval to Pine Ridge


Letter from American Disposal

  1. Board reviewed and discussed the proposed 2.9% increase in trash collection cost


$7,200 received from Centex

  1. Board reviewed and discussed the receipt of $7200 from Centex for maintenance of the service road between Carriage Lawn at Barkley HOA and Barkley HOA.
  2. Board directed Koger to place $7200 in a separate CD and open a separate reserve account, “Service Road Maintenance Reserve” for the $7,200
  3. Michael Noonan made a motion to effect the above proposal, Cyrus Salazar seconded. All voted in favor.


Action Item:

  1. Koger to provide current risk free CD interest rate with Community Association Bank.
  2. Koger to crate a separate reserve account, Service Road Maintenance Reserve


Appointment of Auditors

  1. Board ratified approval of auditors for FY2006, Turner Jones & Associates 
  2. Michael Noonan made a motion to effect the above proposal, Cyrus Salazar seconded. All voted in favor.


Action Item: Koger (Reinaldo Salva) to follow up with auditors to obtain contact information for account manager and timing for completion of 2007 Audit.


Dead Branches

  1. Board reviewed and discussed the broken branches on trees behind 8873 Royal Doulton Lane.
  2. Board directed Koger a quote for removal of dead branches


Action Item: Koger ( Reinaldo Salva) to get one / two quotes to cut the branches. Reinaldo will contact neighbor to negotiate cost sharing.


Financial Review

  1. Board reviewed HOA accounting related open items on to do list.
  2. Board reviewed cash balance of HOA and agreed to place $25,000 in a risk free CD with either Community Association Bank (CAB) or Mercantile Potomac Bank. Koger to provide information on current interest rates
  3. Board reviewed and discussed the current aging of receivables and letter from attorneys to recover past due amounts from homeowners.


Action Items:

  1. Koger to revert back to Board on all accounting TO DO LIST items by 06/30.
  2. Koger to provide Board with CD interest rates from CAB
  3. Koger to talk with attorney to confirm that due notice process was followed with non paying homeowners


2004 and 2005 Audit

a.       Board was presented with draft audit reports for 2004 and 2005. Board agreed to review the report and follow up

b.      Board agreed to work with HOA attorneys on the proposed language of Management Representation letter

c.       To enable auditors to provide a clean report for 2005 Board asked Koger to provide all accounting information requested by auditors


Action Items

  1. Board to work with auditors and Koger to facilitate the 2005 and 2006 information requested by auditors.
  2. Board to follow up with HOA Attorneys on language of management representation letter



  1. Grace Marabe adjourned meeting at 9:31 pm. Sanjay Vakharia seconded and Michael Noonan and Cyrus Salazar approved.
  2. Next meeting at 7:30pm on Wednesday July 18th at Fairhill Elementary School Library, Chichester Lane, Fairfax Virginia 22031


Minutes Submitted by:  Sanjay Vakharia

Approved by:                           BOD