Carriage Lawn at Barkley

General Board Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


  1. Call to Order
    1. Manoucher Nayeri, elected Vice President, called to order the regular meeting of the Carriage Lawn at Barkley at 07:00pm on Wednesday, September 13, 2006

                                                              i.      Location:

1.      IHOP at corner of Lee Highway / Pickett Road in Fairfax.

  1. Roll Call
    1. Ray Worley, elected Secretary, called meeting to order, second by Sanjay Vakharia.


The following persons were present:

Manoucher Nayeri Sanjay Vakharia

Carol Mallory Ray Worley


Howell Thomas, Koger Management


  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
    1. Manoucher make motion to approve April, 2006 meeting notes.
  2. Open Items
  3. Agenda
    1. Tow truck parking on 8827 Blue Royale Lane,

                                                              i.      BOD reviewed case history and pictures of parking violations.

                                                            ii.      Action Items

1.      Koger to send letter requesting resident to come to the next HOA board meeting to explain violations

2.      Requested Koger to clarify and confirm accounting and payment status of fines for violations.

    1. Contract proposal and renewal for American Trash removal company

                                                              i.      BOD Discussed cost and contract concerns

                                                            ii.      Board members agree to stay with American until April 2007

1.      Month to Month without renewing contract

2.      Evaluate pricing to be negotiated with American Disposal based on Koger experience with other HOAs

    1. Storm water drainage pond Cleaning

                                                              i.      BOD discussed need to find long term solution to cleaning pond.

                                                            ii.      BOD authorized Koger to

1.      negotiate a new contract for fall 2006 initial cleaning service up to amount $600.00. For amount over $600 Koger needs to come back to BOD for approval.

2.      Seek a monthly contract with Pine Ridge to clean the pond after the initial fall 2006 cleaning as referenced above.

    1. Falling tree

                                                              i.      Pine Ridge gave a proposal of $600.00 for removing tree however the proposal in not clarify the number of trees and what kind of tree.

                                                            ii.      Action Item:

1.      Koger will arrange for follow-up meeting with Pine Ridge and Ray Worley participates in the meeting.

    1. Leaning tree

                                                              i.      Locations on southwest side of the Carriage Lawn at Barkley

                                                            ii.      Action Item:

1.      Koger and Ray Worley will meet with Pine Ridge

    1. Tree removal issues

                                                              i.      Trees branches/leaning over houses at rear (southwest) corner of Carriage Lawn (Royal Doulton Lane)

                                                            ii.      Action Item:

1.      Check out who owns property of leaning branches

2.      Obtain quote from Pine Ridge to inquire potential costs.

    1. Motion to approve all action items as reference above.

                                                              i.      Sanjay make motion to approve all action items and Manoucher second.

  1. Follow up Items
    1. Letter to Centex on status of bond release issues

                                                              i.      Koger will update letter and provide to board by Friday, September 22. 2006 for review and approval. Sanjay will approval of letter

1.      Yellow Striping

    1. Parking lot striping

                                                              i.      Koger received a quote $6000.00 for striping

                                                            ii.      Request additional quotes for 2 more quotes

    1. Snow plowing

                                                              i.      Pine Ridge gave proposal for snow removal

                                                            ii.      Koger will email BOD the previous cost for previous years for BOD to use as reference

                                                          iii.      At next BOD meeting, decision to be made on snow contract

    1. Landscaping

                                                              i.      Koger and Ray Worley will work with Pine Ridge an various landscape issues

    1. Audits of 2004/2005

                                                              i.      Carol will work with audit company to get 2004/2005 copies

    1. Key for community board

                                                              i.      The following individuals has been issued keys

1.      Ray Worley

2.      Carol

3.      Koger Howell has a key

                                                            ii.      Manoucher has a key

    1. Nominations for new board director

                                                              i.      Sanjay made motion to nominate Manoucher to serve out the remainder of the current calendar year position as President. Ray Worley second the motion

    1. New BOD nominations

                                                              i.      Reach to community for new potential members


  1. Review of Carriage Lawn at Barkley business oversight responsibilities
    1. Architectural Review Board related items
    2. Landscaping / lawn (contracted to Pine Ridge)
    3. Refuge removal service (contracted to American Way Disposal)
    4. Parking Issues
    5. Centex Bond release issues
    6. Budget/Financial review

                                                              i.      Koger statement of receipts

  1. New Business (not referenced above)
  2. Next meeting
  3. Adjournment
    1. Sanjay motioned to adjourn and Manoucher seconded adjournment of the meeting at 09:20pm.
    2. Next meeting at Fairhill the second Wednesday of October, 2006