Carriage Lawn at Barkley Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The annual Board of Directors meeting for the Carriage Lawn at Barkley Homeowners Association was convened at Fairhill Elementary library, Chichester Lane, Fairfax, VA at 7:04pm, EST.

Board Members in Attendance:

Marshall Manson Sanjay Vakharia Ray Worley Carol Mallory Manoucher Nayeri

Howell Thomas, Koger Management

Carriage Lawn at Barkley residents attended and list of attendees is available.

New Business

Mr. Manson called a meeting to order at 7:04pm. It was recognized that there were some confusion of start time for the meeting and apologized for the miscommunications. Mr. Manson also recognized that there were no board members up for election and would like to move the meeting to a public forum regarding the proposed parking policy.

Discussion of parking policy

Q: What is the true intent of the parking policy and is there really a problem?

Discussion: Mr. Manson described the issues as stated in the draft parking policy notice.

Q: What other options did the BOD explore prior to the proposed parking policy?

Discussion: The BOD explored several potential policies. The BOD started with the current policies. The end results of the various proposed scenarios could formulate a policy that did not include stickers or some kind of car owner identification.

Action Item: Repaint the ADU parking lot numbers and visitor painted signs on curb siding.


1.      Current policy stay in place, no consensus for a new proposed policy

2.      Proposed survey to see who would like to be able to lease a spot

Residential Concerns

1. Pathway on Nipperway common area / residential path way

Action Items: BOD and Kroger to address with landscape company in the spring (April/May time frame)

2. Bill coming two (2) days before due date

Action Items: Kroger will work to resolve and ensure bills are sent two weeks prior due date.

3. Street signs blown down

Action Item: Kroger will note blown downed signs and work to get estimate and repair.

4. Trash schedule

BOD of director has instructed American Trash Company that they need to come early in the morning, however, the contract from American Trash states they have flexibility to pick up trash up 6:30am-6:30pm. The BOD requested residence to secure their trash in trash cans and heavy duty trash bags. During wind storms residences trash that is not secured ends up all over the neighborhood.

5. Cracked driveway at Saxon Flowers and Royal Doulton

When Centex concrete people performed worked the cement truck backed into residence driveway and cracked it.

Action Items: BOD and Kroger representative to follow up pending residence email

6. Dog disposal

Neighbors from Barkley walking dog using dog stations and some neighbors have dogs leave their waste on Carriage Lawn at Barkley common areas.

7. Lighting at the main entrance into Carriage Lawn at Saxon Flowers

This issue hopefully will be resolved with Centex as part of the bond release process.

8. Architecture review board

BOD is soliciting new members for the architecture review board. See Rema Raju

9. Spring Picnic

If the ad hoc spring picnic committee needs to post information on the proposed picnic please contact Manucher Nayeri and it can be posted on the web site. BOD can also instruct to have information put on the monthly invoice.

10. 8853 Modano Place

Mud / drainage issues

Action Item: BOD / Kroger to follow up and investigate.

State of the Carriage Lawn at Barkley Budget

Sanjay Vakharia reported out on budget items.

Discussion: CLB owns and maintains the roads and must plan/save accordingly.

Future meeting location

Wednesday, February 08, 2005 at Fairhill Elementary


There was a motion to adjourn annual meeting. There was a second. Vote was unanimous. The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 pm.


Follow up Board Meeting

Marshall Manson called meeting together at 8:45pm.

Approval of previous meeting minutes: Mr. Manson moved to approve the December 15, 2005 meeting minutes. Motion was carried. Minutes are to be added to CLB website.

Dead trees on Modano Place: Reviewed history of issue and must conform to the original site plan.

Action Item: BOD will ask Kroger to write the party with the concern and instruct them to write their concerns in a formal (non email letter) and must get from their neighbors to get their to write their agreement for of tree options. The other party of concern was present at the board meeting and was requested to write their concerns (non email letter) to the BOD. This is not a BOD issue as the property plans will have set a precedence for the landscape design.

Election of Officers

Motion of the following of officers for position and approved:

Treasurer: Carol Mallory

Secretary: Ray Worley

President: Marshall Mansion

Vice President: Manucher Nayeri

Director: Sanjay Vakharia

Budget Issues
Board signed the paperwork to obtain bank CD papers.

Adjournment of Meeting

Motion to adjourn at 9:22pm with second and motion carried.