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A meeting of the Board of Directors was convened at Fairhill Elementary School, Fairfax, Virginia.

            Kris Murthy          - President
            Bill Perrelli            - Vice President
            Sean Timm           - Treasurer
            Gene Chun           - Secretary
            Joe O’Brien         - Director
            Jan Ward             - CMC

The meeting was called to order by Kris Murthy at 7:30 P.M.

Sean Timm MOTIONED and Bill Perrelli SECONDED to approve the minutes of the
June 12, 2002 meeting as submitted by CMC.  VOTE: Unanimous


Treasurer’s Report:
Sean Timm reported that the he reviewed the August 2002 financial statement and had no questions.  Mr. Timm stated that he is in agreement with CMC’s recommendation to invest $10,000 from the Operating Account in a Certificate Deposit.

Kris Murthy reported that the newsletter should be ready for printing and distributing by Monday, September 16th. Bill Perrelli will submit an article asking for participants for the ARB.  Kris Murthy will submit articles on parking and the community social.

Wendy Timm reported that the ARB met over the summer and reviewed several applications.  Ms. Timm noted that there are several homeowners that are not in compliance with the Design Guidelines.  Jan Ward will have CMC send Ms. Timm an updated violation list.  Ms. Timm noted that she would be unable to continue, as Chairperson of the committee but will remain a member.  The committee also inquired about the revisions they recommended to the Board of Directors.  The Board will review the guideline revisions and cast their vote at the October meeting.

Sean Timm reported that the website is up and running.  A copy of the board of directors meetings will be posted each month.



FY 2003 Budget
Bill Perrelli MOTIONED and Sean Timm SECONDED to accept the FY 2003 budget as
submitted by CMC with the following additions:
·    Include a line item for the Website Subscription @ a cost of $150 annually.

ARB Appointment
Kris Murthy MOTIONED and Gene Chun SECONDED to appointment Bill Perrelli to the ARB,
provided no one else steps forward to assume the position by October 10, 2002.  VOTE: Unanimous

Picnic Tables
Bill Perrelli MOTIONED and Kris Murthy SECONDED to approve the expenditure of up to
$200 for the purchase of two (2) picnic tables for the common area by the volley ball court.

Sean Timm MOTIONED and Bill Perrelli SECONDED to investment $10,000 from the
Operating Account in a Certificate of Deposit to be held at ACACIA at a rate of 2.71% for a term
of one year.  VOTE: Unanimous

Reserve Study
Kris Murthy MOTIONED and Bill Perrelli SECONDED to transfer the FY 2002 budgeted
amount of $3,000 to an Operating Reserve for the purpose of having the reserve study performed
in FY 2003.  VOTE: Unanimous


August Financial Report
The Board had no questions concerning the August 2002 financial statement.

Delinquency Status Report
Jan Ward reported that there are currently two delinquent accounts and that collection procedures are in place.

Meeting Schedule
Jan Ward informed the Board that the meetings have been scheduled through the year end.  The Board would like to have an October meeting scheduled to vote on the pending issues.  Jan Ward will arrange the meeting room.
·    Scheduled Meeting Dates: November 13, January 28th (annual)
·    Bill Perrelli asked that the board attempt to keep the meetings to one hour.

Joe O’Brien stated that he would like to have the Fairfax County Neighborhood Watch representative address the community.  The Board suggested that the representative come to the annual meeting on January 28, 2003 when there is generally a greater attendance from the residents.

The Board agreed to have one bulletin board installed by the volley ball court.

Bill Perrelli noted that parking along the fire lanes has decreased dramatically.  Mr. Perrelli would like to enforce the proper usage of the visitor parking.  The Board agreed that it would be better to wait until the streets have been paved and assigned parking is in place.


Joe O’Brien brought to the Board’s attention that there is a sprinkler system in place at each entrance.  The Board asked Jan Ward to contact the developer to inquire how to make it operational.

Gene Chun brought to the Board’s attention that there is a junction box located behind the townhomes on Nipper Way that has wires protruding and that the box is damaged.  Jan Ward will contact the electric company to investigate.
The Board asked Jan Ward to contact American Disposal for proposal.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:53 PM.  VOTE: Unanimous

Respectfully Submitted:        Attest:       
Jan WardCMC                   Gene ChunSecretary        Date

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