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MINUTES – JUNE 12, 2002

A meeting of the Board of Directors was convened at Fairhill Elementary School, Fairfax, Virginia.

Bill Perrelli            - Vice President
Sean Timm           - Treasurer
Gene Chun           - Secretary
Joe O’Brien         - Director
Jan Ward             - CMC

Kris Murthy            - President

The meeting was called to order by Bill Perrelli at 7:30 P.M.

Sean Timm MOTIONED and Joe O’Brien SECONDED to approve the minutes of the May 8, 2002
meeting as submitted by CMC.  VOTE: Unanimous


Treasurer’s Report:
Sean Timm reported that the Certificate Deposit in the amount of $15,000+ matured and that the funds were reinvested in two separate Certificate’s of Deposit for $10,000 each.  Mr. Timm also reported that all other expenditures were for budgeted expenses.

No report given.

Wendy Timm reported that the ARB reviewed the current Design Guidelines and has made recommendations to the Board for amendments to the guidelines.  Ms. Timm also noted that the Appendix for doors was not included in their copy of the guidelines and asked Jan Ward to mail her a copy.



Watering Proposal
Bill Perrelli MOTIONED and Gene Chun SECONDED to approve the watering proposal
submitted by Community Landscape provided there is clarification on an estimated amount and
frequency of watering and how many gallons the gators bags hold and the frequency on refilling
the bags.  VOTE:  Unanimous

Open Forum
Gene Chun MOTIONED and Bill Perrelli SECONDED to hold two Open Forums’ at each
meeting.   One Open Forum will be held after the Committee Reports and the other will be held
after New Business.  Each Open Forum will not exceed 10 minutes in length.  CMC will also
provide ten (10) copies of the agenda for attending residents.  VOTE:  3-1

Addition to ARB Form
The Board unanimously approved the ARB’s request to have the following wording included on
their ARB form.
·    I/We have read the Design Review Guidelines and the proposed additons, chages or
      alterations conform to the Guidelines.

May 2002 Financial Report
The Board had no questions concerning the May 2002 financial statement.

Delinquency Status Report
Jan Ward reported that there are currently five delinquent accounts and that collection procedures are in place.

Homeowner Concerns
The Board asked Jan Ward to contact the developer via phone and letter to inquire about the status of completing the paving in the community.  The Board noted that the painting of reserved and visitor spaces would be handled after paving is complete.

Compliance Letters

Jan Ward informed the Board that the violation letters from the ARB’s inspection have been sent to the homeowners noted.

AAA Trash Removal Increase
Jan Ward informed the Board that AAA Trash Removal would increase their prices as of July 1, 2002 due to an increase they will incur at the local municipal disposal facility.

Joe O’Brien stated that he contacted Fairfax Police to inquire about Neighborhood Watch.  The Board asked Joe to place an ad in the next newsletter asking for participation and interest from the community.

Sean Timm volunteered to organize a web-site for the community.  Bill Perrelli noted that he would ask Kris Murthy if he has already started the process.  If not, Bill Perrelli MOTIONED and Gene Chun SECONDED to approve the expenditure of funds not to exceed $200 for the implementation of a wed page for the community.  VOTE:  Unanimous

Joe O’Brien MOTIONED and Bill Perrelli SECONDED to approve the installation and purchase of two (2) bulletin boards at each entrance.  VOTE:  Unanimous


The Board noted that the next meeting would be held the 2nd Wednesday of September 2002,
@ 7:30 PM.

Bill Perrelli MOTIONED and Sean Timm SECONDED to appoint Lisa Mullings as a new member of the Architectural Review Board.  VOTE:  Unanimous


The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.  VOTE: Unanimous

Respectfully Submitted:        Attest:       
Jan Ward, CMC                 Gene Chun, Secretary        Date

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