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A meeting of the Board of Directors was convened at Fairhill Elementary School, Fairfax, Virginia.


Board Members:
Bill Perrelli (President) Absent
Kris Murthy (Vice President)
Joe O'Brien (Director)
Mike Ingrao (Secretary)
Sean Timm (Treasurer)

Lisa Mullins (ARB Chairman)
Jan Ward (CMC)
R. Brown (SCS)
  1. Call To Order:6/11/03 -- The meeting was called to order at 7:32 PM.
  2. Meeting Minutes:6/11/03 -- The minutes of the meeting of 3/19/03 were accepted.
  3. Introduction of SCS as New Management:6/11/03 -- J. Ward introduced SCS as new management. R. Brown gave brief history of SCS and informed Board that Bob Elks would be their new manager and had a scheduling conflict. R. Brown invited Board to SCS’s office with intentions of meeting Bob and Gay. Board declined.
  4. Design Review Applications:6/11/03 --
    The following Design Review applications were approved:
    • 8810 Royal Doulton LN -- Deck and Patio application
    • 2972 Kildare LN -- Patio application

    The following Design Review applications were approved with stipulations:
    • 8909 Royal Hannah LN -- Deck application with the stipulation that homeowner initial the "owners acknowledgements" in application.
    • 2962 Nipper Way -- Shed application with the stipulation that siding can not be metal or plastic and color scheme must be the same as the home.
  5. Centex:6/11/03 -- Management is to send Centex a letter informing them of problems in the community such as: dead trees, broken and cracked sidewalks, and asphalt conditions.
  6. Graffiti:6/10/03 -- R. Brown received a call from homeowner concerned about graffiti on the wall near the dry pond.
  7. Reseeding Curb Strips:6/11/03 -- Management is to inform AC&M Landscape to reseed the curb strips on the property.
  8. Trash Violations:6/11/03 -- Management is to send violation notice to resident regarding accumulating trash on personal property.
  9. ARB Chairman:6/11/03 -- Lisa Mulling informed the Board that she will be resigning as ARB Chairman no later than September 2003.
  10. Associations Investments:6/11/03 -- Management is to confirm that investments were made and e-mail Board this information.
  11. 2002 Audit:6/11/03 -- Board approved bid from Alberg & Company to perform audit and tax returns. 6/11/03 - Management is to deliver signed audit proposal to Alberg & Company.
  12. ARB Walkthrough:6/11/03 -- ARB committee is to conduct property walkthrough and inspection, and report findings to Management.
  13. Shed Violation LN:6/11/03 -- Management is to send resident violation letter regarding shed in back yard.
  14. Neighborhood Watch:6/11/03 -- Board (J. O’Brein) is going to local police station to inquire about scheduling a informational session for establishing a neighborhood watch committee.
  15. Stenciling Parking Spaces:6/11/03 -- Management is to follow up with contractor about the spaces that were missed during the first session of painting because of cars that were parked in the spaces.
  16. Reserve Study:6/11/03 -- Management is to get 2 additional bids for conducting a Reserve Study.
  17. Newsletter:6/11/03 -- Board is to report to Management in regards to the Newsletter.
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