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MINUTES – MAY 8, 2002

A meeting of the Board of Directors was convened at Fairhill Elementary School, Fairfax, Virginia.

Kris Murthy          - President
Bill Perrelli            - Vice President
Sean Timm           - Treasurer
Joe O’Brien         - Director
Jan Ward             - CMC

Gene Chun            - Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Kris Murthy at 7:30 P.M.

Kris Murthy MOTIONED and Bill Perrelli SECONDED to approve the minutes of the April 10, 2002 meeting with the following amendments.  The minutes should reflect that Kris Murthy would ask another resident to the next meeting to talk to the board about a web page for the community, instead of Sean Timm. 
        VOTE: Unanimous


Treasurer’s Report:
Sean Timm reported that the he reviewed the April 2002 financial statement.  The Association has $26,706.91 in the Operating Account.  Mr. Timm recommended to the Board that additional funds be added to the Certificate of Deposit that will mature on May 18, 2002 and two Certificate’s of Deposit be purchased.

Bill Perrelli informed the Board that several residents have reported that they have not received a newsletter.  Mr. Perrelli suggested that future newsletters be mailed to the resident’s.

Wendy Timm reported that the ARB completed its inspection of the community and will submit a list of its findings to CMC.
Ms. Timm also reported that the ARB has reviewed several applications this past month and asked that applications be mailed to them prior to the meeting.




Sean Timm MOTIONED and Kris Murthy SECONDED to invest the funds from the Certificate
of Deposit maturing on May 18, 2002 and additional funds from the Operating Account to
purchase two Certificate of Deposits for $10,000 each at ING Direct at a rate of 3.3% for a term
of one year each.  VOTE:  Unanimous

Policy Resolutions

Kris Murthy MOTIONED and Bill Perrelli SECONDED to decline CMC’s recommendation to
adopt Policy Resolution 2002-2; Vehicle Policies and Policy Resolution 2002-1; Enforcement
Procedures.  VOTE: Unanimous


April 2002 Financial Report
The Board had no questions concerning the April 2002 financial statement.

Delinquency Status Report
Jan Ward reported that there is currently one delinquent account and that collection procedures are in place.

Towing Signs
Bill Perrelli will meet with a representative of Henry’s Towing for placement of the towing signs throughout the community.

Homeowner Concern
The homeowner addressed the Board and requested that resident’s be informed of the items of the agenda prior to the meeting to allow those residents the opportunity to attend a meeting on a subject that the board may be discussing.  The homeowner also requested that the Open Forum be placed at the beginning of the agenda or that residents be permitted to comment on a decision items prior to the board voting.  After discussion, the Board tabled their decision to allow the absent board member to comment.  The item will be placed on next month’s agenda has a decision item.

Architectural Review Board
The ARB asked for clarification of its duties.  Jan Ward discussed the roles the ARB,CMC and the Board of Directors.  The ARB informed the Board that it will be reviewing the current Design Guidelines and will present its recommendation for amendments at the next board meeting.


Bill Perrelli MOTIONED and Joe O’Brien SECONDED to have CMC mail future newsletters to the residents.  VOTE: Unanimous

Sean Timm mentioned that there is no stop sign located on the corner of Saxon Flowers and Worchester.  Jan Ward will discuss this will the developer.

Sean Timm also noted that the sign itself on Saxon Flowers and Kildaire in lying on the ground.

Bill Perrelli noted that participation in the yard sale was minimal.

Joe O’Brien volunteered to obtain information concerning a Neighborhood Watch program.

The Board will advertise for a social director in the next newsletter.

A homeowner who recently received a violation for parking their commercial vehicle in the community addressed the Board.  After listening to the homeowner, the Board offered two suggestions, a cover for the vehicle or magnets that cover the wording.  The homeowner agreed to purchase either one within one week.

The homeowner noted that reserved parking needs to be completed in the new section on Modano Place. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.  VOTE: Unanimous

Respectfully Submitted:        Attest:       
Jan Ward, CMC                 Gene Chun, Secretary        Date

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