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MINUTES – MARCH 13, 2002

A meeting of the Board of Directors was convened at Fairhill Elementary School, Fairfax, Virginia.

Kris Murthy          - President
Bill Perrelli            - Vice President
Sean Timm           - Treasurer
Gene Chun           - Secretary
Joe O’Brien          - Director
Jan Ward              - CMC

The meeting was called to order by Kris Murthy at 7:30 P.M.


Newsletter:  No report given from the chair.  The Board noted typos in the newsletter and mentioned that Ms. Bierman has volunteered to proof read the newsletter in the future.

Wendy Timm asked each committee to introduce themselves. 
Ms. Timm reported that the committee met, reviewed and approved three applications. 
The committee will hold its monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each month.
The Board approved the reimbursement for copying costs of the training manual.  Ms. Timm will submit a receipt for reimbursement.
The committee asked that Satkuna Mathur come to their next meeting to instruct the committee on inspections.
The committee also requested a list of approved modifications, and items that are in violation.





February 2002 Financial Report
Jan Ward answered the Board’s questions regarding Certificate of Deposits.  Sean Timm reported that he reviewed the financial statement has no questions at this time.

Delinquency Status Report
Jan Ward reported that there are currently two delinquent accounts and that collection procedures are in place.

Homeowner Concerns
Jan Ward reported that CMC had received a letter from a homeowner concerning parking issues.  The homeowner, Mr. Ray Worley was present at the meeting and addressed the Board directly.  The issues that were brought forth to the Board were:
·    Having the word “Reserved” painted on assigned parking spaces.
·    Having signs posted at the entrances stating “Towing is strictly enforced”
·    Announcement in the Newsletter stating that assigned spaces are for the exclusive use of the lot owners identified.
·    Implementing an enforcement policy.

The Board replied that they would look in to the homeowner’s requests.

Ms. Wendy Timm discussed cars parking in the fire lanes.  The Board will keep a close watch out for those vehicles and place violation stickers on the offending vehicles.  Towing will commence if the violators do not adhere to the parking regulations.

Ms. Choo addressed the Board concerning the towing of her vehicle.  The Board denied Ms. Choo’s request for reimbursement of the towing charges.

Landscaping Contract - 2002

Jan Ward gave a copy of the current landscape agreement to each board member.  Bill Perrelli will meet with a representative of Community Landscape to walk the property.

Miscellaneous Information

Jan Ward reported that Centex approved the Board installing speed limit signs throughout the community.  The Board asked Jan Ward to purchase six (6) 15-mph signs.

Kris Murthy reported that he is meeting with CMC’s casual labor on Friday to point out the approved installation locations of the Children at Play signs.  Mr. Murthy will inform Jan Ward of the size of the signs.

Joe O’Brien requested that the Board discuss the management contract submitted by CMC at the April board meeting.  Jan Ward will place it on the agenda.

Jan Ward informed the Board that the developer reported:
·    Comcast will complete installation by mid-April
·    Paving will be complete at the beginning of April
·    A cul-de-sac will be installed on Blue Royale
·    The drainage problem on Nipper Way will be corrected by the end of March.
·    Hydro seeding and replacement planting will be complete in May.
·    The fire marshall requires that the signs be installed along with the painted yellow curbs.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.  VOTE: Unanimous

Respectfully Submitted:        Attest:       
Jan Ward, CMC                  Gene Chun, Secretary        Date

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